(updated 07/5/2017)

4-H & Vocational Youth Livestock Sale Rules

Department 10
Class 80 - Market Poultry 


•  Open to Snyder County 4-H and FFA members carrying a poultry project only.
•  Entries: A maximum of one entry per class is allowed.
•  The exhibitor can tag 10 animals
     ~ Meat Pen - 1 pen of 3 birds
•  Weight limits for meat pen and individual roaster not less 6 ½ lbs. not more than 8 ½ lbs.  No more than 70 days old. 
•  Meat birds will be acquired on the date specified, by the Beaver Community Fair, from the fair reserve only.  First come first served.
•  Unsuitable Birds:  The fair management will eliminate any birds from competition that are not in suitable condition or which cannot be satisfactorily handled under show conditions. 


•  Exhibitors must check the current health regulations and inoculation schedules with the Superintendent at least 6 weeks prior to show date.
•  All birds must bear a unique individual identification leg band.
•  An owner endorsed health form must accompany all poultry.
•  All birds must come from Pullorum-typhoid free flock (present flock card or certificate from hatchery) or test negative for Pullorum-typhoid.
•  All birds must test negative for Avian Influenza and be tested by a Certified Poultry Technician.  Avian Influenza tests must be completed within 30 days of check in at the fair. 
All test results must accompany the birds upon arrival at the fair.

(See General Animal Rules)

Premiums:  $6  $5  $4  $3  $2

Lot # Description
1002 Meat Pen (3 Birds)

Class 46 - Market Steer

(See Dept 3 Beef & General Animal Rules)

Premiums:  $20  $18  $16  $14  $12

Lot # Description
51 Steers, All Weights

Class 47 - Market Lamb

(See Dept 4 Sheep & General Animal Rules)

Premiums:  $12  $10 $8  $7  $6

Lot # Description
61 Market Lamb All Weights

Market lambs and goats must be slick shorn and dry at weigh in.  

Class 48 - Market Swine

(See General Animal Rules)
Superintendent: Carol Hoffman Phone  570-374-0642
Committee: Steve Erb, Tiffany Shaffer

Premiums:  $12  $10  $8  $7  $6

Lot # Description
71 Market Swine All Weights

Class 49 - Market Goats

(See General Animal Rules)

  1. Market goats can be disbudded or tipped.
  2. Market goats must be born after January 1st of the current year.

Premiums:  $12  $10  $8  $7  $6

Lot # Description
2101 Market Goat, All Weights

Class 50 - Rabbits

(See General Animal Rules)
SUPERINTENDENT: Matt Shea 570-765-6676
Kathy Shea

1.  It is the responsibility of all rabbit exhibitors to contact the Beaver Fair when your litters are born.
2.  If you choose to purchase meat rabbits, you must contact the Beaver Fair no later than August 1 to inform them of your intent to purchase & exhibit meat rabbits.
3.  If you choose to purchase meat rabbits instead of breeding them, your rabbits must be purchased and in your possession on the day they are tattooed, no later. 

Premiums:  $6  $5  $4  $3  $2

Lot # Description
81 Meat Pens (3 Rabbits)

Premiums:  $5  $4  $3  $2  $1

Lot # Description
82 Single Fryer

Class 51 - Dairy Feeder Steers

(See Dept 3 Beef & General Animal Rules)

  1. Dairy Feeder Steers must be born between January 1 and April 15 of the current year.
  2. Must be naturally polled or dehorned.
  3. Must contain 100% dairy blood line from the major breeds: Holstein, Jersey, Guernsey, Ayshire, Milking Shorthorn, Brown Swiss or Lineback.

Premiums:  $20  $18  $16  $14  $12

Lot # Description
91 Dairy Feeder Steer, All Weights