Dept 22 - Miscellaneous Contests

Truck Pulls
(edited 03/21/2017)

Managed By: Beaver Community Fair Association Committee
Phone: 570-658-7664, 570-765-4216, 570-765-6985

$20 Entry Fee

4x4 Truck Pull Rules

  1. All weights must be secured to the vehicle.  Any external parts or weights lost while hooked to the sled, will be grounds for disqualification. 
  2. Any truck may be disqualified if found unsafe or operated in an unsafe manner.

Factory Stock 8500 lbs. & 2.5 Work Stock 8500 lbs
Premiums:  $100  $80  $60  $40  $20  $10  $10  $10 

Open 6000, 6500 lbs, 8000 lb, & 8000 lb 2.6 Diesel
Premiums:  $200  $150  $100  $85  $65  $10  $10  $10

Monday - 6:30 PM - 4x4 Pickup Trucks 

Lot #


6000 lbs, Open Small Block
8500 lbs, Factory Stock
6500 lbs, Open Any Engine
8500 lbs, 2.5 Work Stock
8000 lbs, 2.6 Diesel
8000 lbs, Open Any Engine

 Rules for Factory Stock Class

  1. All trucks must have valid and current license, inspection, and insurance coverage.
  2. All pickups may have weights in the bed, which must be securely fastened. No front end weights or in the cab allowed.
  3. Road fuels only allowed.
  4. Must run original O.E.M. intake manifold, turbo, fuel pump, firewall, floor, frame, body, hood, fenders, brakes, clutch, and transmission for the specific year engine/truck being used.  
  5. The maximum hitch height shall be 26 inches.
  6. All trucks must pull off of factory style hitch. (No pulling from bumper.)
  7. Dual wheel pickups are allowed.
  8. DOT approved tires only. No cut tires.
  9. All trucks will be checked for modifications.
  10. No solid suspension or blocks/stops
  11. Only two modifications will be allowed on each vehicle, excluding tires. 
  12. No nitrous or propane allowed
  13. Tires will be classified by the placard on the door.
  14. The sustainability of this class is extremely dependent upon the honesty and integrity of the competitors. Bending the rules and cheating to win is really not much of an accomplishment.  All rules will be enforced to the best of our ability in the limited time available.

8500 Workstock 2.5 Diesel 4x4 Trucks

Rules for 8500 Workstock 2.5 Diesel 4x4 Trucks are available online at

8000 2.6 Diesel

Rules for the 8050 2.6 Diesel truck class are available online at


Rules for Open Class - Trucks

  1. All weights must be securely fastened.
  2. Fire extinguishers are mandatory.
  3. Drive shaft loops, blow proof bell housings or transmission blankets are strongly recommended.
  4. Maximum hitch height shall be 26 inches.
  5. All trucks may be inspected at any time.
  6. No nitrous or propane allowed.
  7. Factory frame at factory length with factory body.
  8. Hitch must be furthest part of truck.
  9. No bigger than 36” tires.
  10. DOT approved tires.
  11. Weight in front not to exceed 60” from center of front axle

Hot Street Semi's

Entry Fee $20.00

$100  $80  $60  $40  $20  $10  $10  $10

Lot: TBA

Rules for this class will follow ITTPA rules.