Dept 22 - Miscellaneous Contests

Class 3 - Bale Throwing

Superintendent Jeremy Waite
Committee: Barry Waite, Crystal Waite, Roxanne Waite
(updated 07/5/2017)

Monday - Immediately following the kids games in the Show Arena


  1. Registration will begin one hour prior to starting time at the contest location on Thursday night.
  2. Contest is open to any Pennsylvania resident.
  3. Contestant will select the bale to be thrown from the bales provided.
  4. Each contestant will be allowed one (1) throw.
  5. Crossing the foul line with one’s body will result in disqualification.
  6. The bale must remain inside the twenty (20) foot wide throwing area at all times.
  7. The distance will be measured from the nearest point where the bale hits the ground.
  8. Positions for competing will be determined by lottery.
  9. Contest will take place in the show arena.
  10. Bale size for youth division will be one-half regular size.

Premiums:  $10  $8  $6  $4  $2

6801 Bale Throwing Male, Adult
6802 Bale Throwing Female, Adult