Dept 22 - Miscellaneous Contests

Class 4 - Beaver Community Junior Fair Queen

Saturday, September 23, 2017 - 2:00 PM


Jr Fair Queen
2016 Beaver Fair Jr Queen 
Makena Jordan

The purpose of the Beaver Community Fair Queen Program is to encourage the promotion of agriculture through the Beaver Community Fair and to create better relations between youth and adults in both rural and urban settings.

The due date for the queen competition application and biography is September 1 - it will not be extended.

Program Rules
     Official PA Fair Queen Program Rules

Each Fair Queen Contestant Must:

  1. Be a female who is a U.S. citizen and a resident of Pennsylvania.
  2. Be certified as the winner by the local fair.
  3. Have her parent(s)’ or guardian(s)’ consent to enter the competition.
  4. Be single, have never been married, have not been pregnant nor given birth to a child.
  5. Act in accordance with the PA Fair Queen “Behavior Policy”.
  6. Meet all time commitments, Queen obligations, and “Dress Code” as set forth by the PA Fair Queen Program

  Beaver Community Fair Queen Program Rules

Each Contestant Must:

  1. Meet at least one of the following criteria:

    - Be a resident of Snyder County, Pennsylvania. 
    - Be a registered student of a Snyder County school.
    - Be a member of a Snyder County 4-H club or FFA chapter. 

  2. Be at least 10 years of age and not over 15 years of age by June 1.
  3. Have written consent of a parent or guardian. 
  4. Be single, never married, have had no children.  Also, the winner must not marry, nor become pregnant during her reign. 
  5. Must attend an orientation meeting.
  6. Must meet the queen requirements set forth by the Beaver Community Fair Queen Committee as stated below. 

Note: The Pennsylvania Fair Queen Program is the governing body of all county fair queen programs.  Any additional rules put in place by the Beaver Community Fair Queen Program are additional to the rules set by the PA Fair Queen Program.


Behavior Policy

The Contest’s governing Board shall have the sole discretion to determine whether, in its judgment, the Queen, Alternate, or Contestants may continue to participate in the program, in the event that the Board determines that any statement or representation is not true and accurate, or that any action is inconsistent with the rules, standards and dignity of the Program.

The following will be considered violations of the Policy and will be grounds for immediate disqualification, dismissal and/or being banned from future Queen competitions:

  1. Any infractions of any Queen Contest rules.
  2. Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, chewing gum, foul language and/or public displays of affection to dates/boyfriends while wearing the crown and/or sash and representing the Queen Program.
  3. Engagement in any illegal, nonpartisan, unethical, indecent, and/or morally questionable behavior, including but not limited to online representations on the internet such as social networking sites (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)members of the Queen Committee reserve the right to view your public social media sites prior to the pageant and during the queen’s reign. 
  4. Use of any illegal controlled dangerous substances or abusing the use of alcohol or other dangerous substances.
  5. Any defamation of the Queen Contest, its winners or contestants, and the Fair or the PA Fair Queen Program and their Directors and Committee Members, whether it be oral or written.  This includes postings on the internet.
  6.  Any uncooperative or unsportsmanlike conduct before, during or after the competition.
  7. Appearing in crown and banner at any event without an official invitation from an authorized event coordinator or event board member.

Dress Code

Wearing of the Fair Queen crown and/or sash is to be considered an honor and privilege.  The bearer is now an ambassador representing herself, her family, her community, and Fair.

While fashion styles may change, good taste does not!

Therefore, responsible, appropriate and professional appearance is expected while the Queen is wearing her crown and sash:

  1. Attire that is conducive to the specific appearance or event (i.e. business casual, formal, etc.)
  2. No jeans, sneakers, flip flops or boots.  Alterations may be made to this jean-footwear rule only if
       -Severe weather or unsafe conditions exist and
    The Fair Queen’s official coordinator or Board Member has approved an alteration consistent with the professional appearance expectation.
  3. It is strongly recommended that closed toe shoes be worn when in livestock areas, for safety reasons.
  4. No visible piercings (other than earrings) or tattoos.
  5. No outfit that shows cleavage.
  6. Dresses/skirts must be no shorter than the height of a dollar bill (approx. 2.5”) from the bottom of the dress/skirt hem to the top of the knee cap.
  7. No clothing that advertises, promotes, or glorifies the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or anything inconsistent with the dignity of the Queen Program.

Pageant Judging

 The pageant consists of off-stage and on-stage portions.  Contestants and a parent/guardian must report to the stage no later than 15 minutes prior to the contest start.


 1.    No entry fee required.

 2.    On Saturday morning of the fair, contestants will be interviewed by a panel of judges. 

  • Present a speech or presentation, using charts and pictures.  No computer presentation permitted.  Dress in Business Attire.

 3.    Contestants will help with ribbon distribution at youth livestock shows and with Kids Tent activities throughout the week.

 On-Stage- All activities will take place at 3pm on Saturday, September 24.

 4.    Speech judging and crowning will take place on Saturday afternoon of fair, to be held on the stage.  Dress in formal attire (i.e. prom).

 5.   Judging will consist of:

  • Introduction
  • Response to a question pulled from a hat
  • Poise, appearance, neatness and ability to communicate.

Contest Check List:

  • Application
  • Current picture for publicity purposes (wallet size head and shoulder pose preferred)

Premiums:  Sash

101 Junior Fair Queen

Duties of the Beaver Fair Junior Queen

  1. The winner will reign for one year.
  2. She must be available to attend several functions during the Beaver Community Fair and assist in the crowning. 
  3. She must attend and participate in other activities and functions (see requirements)
  4. Assist with the crowning of the next Beaver Fair Junior Queen. 
  5. The junior Queen and Junior Alternate must send a report to the Fair Queen Committee every two months.  The report must include information on the activities and events she has completed and plans for upcoming activities and events. 

Junior Fair Queen Requirements

  1. Appearances – 5 pt
    a.  Youth Activities (4-H and FFA meetings, School events, Ag Dairy Days)
    b.  Parades
    c.  Farm and Non-Farm Meetings (Snyder County Holstein Club)
    d.  Give a Presentation or Speech at an event.
  2. Publicity – 5 pts
    Ex: Radio interview, Public Service Announcement, Newspaper Articles *
    *Articles are to be submitted to the Fair Queen Committee for approval
  3. Beaver Fair Week Events – 10 pts
    Ex: Livestock shows, livestock sale, tractor pull, Raffle tickets, Four Wheeler Drawing & the next Fair Queen Crowning 
  4. Scrapbook to document activities – 20 pts 
  5. Create & display a booth at the Beaver Fair – 20 pts

Required to earn 50 approved points