Pennsylvania State Fair Queen Contest

State Competition Rules: 

  • All contestants must comply with all the following rules in order to be eligible for the final State competition.
  • Fairs must use all of the PA State Fair Queen Program-approved contest Rules listed below for thier local Queen contest. Rules must be listed in the Fair’s Premium Book.
  • The PA State Fair Queem Program is not responsible for any other rules that a fair might add to supplement these State rules (ex: some Fairs elect to add a county residency requiremnt; others add a talent requirement.)

Each State Fair Queen contestant must: 

  1. Be a female who is a U.S. citizen and a resident of Pennsylvania.
  2. Be at least age 16, but no older than 20, years of age as of June 1 of the year entering
    the local contest.
  3. Be the certified representative from the local fair where she was crowned.
  4. Have not been a former local Fair Queen winner, nor a former State Fair Queen contestant.
  5. Not hold any other title for any other commodity, group or pageant during her reign.
  6. Have her parent(s)’ or guardian(s)’ consent to enter the State competition.
  7. Be single, have never been married, have not been pregnant nor given birth to a child.
  8. Act in accordance with the PA Fair Queen "Behavior Policy"
  9. Be able to meet all time commitments, Queen obligations and dress code as set forth by the PA State Fair Queen Program.

Fair Queen Behavior Policy

  1. Any infractions of any Queen Contest rules.
  2. Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, chewing gum, foul language and/or public displays of affection to dates/boyfriends while wearing crown and/or sash and representing the Queen Program.
  3. Engagement in any illegal, unpartisan, unethical, indecent and/or morally questionable behavior, including but not limited to online representations on the internet such as social networking sites (Facebook and MySpace)
  4. Use of any illegal controlled dangerous substances or abusing the use of alcohol or other dangerous substances.
  5. Any defamation of the Queen Contest, its winner and contestant, and the Fair or the PA Fair Queen Program and their Directors and Committee members, whether it be oral or written.  This includes postings on the Internet.
  6. Any uncooperative or unsportsmanlike conduct before, during or after the competition.
  7. Any unsolicited or unauthorized appearances or representations of the Queen Program in crown and banner.

State Fair Queen Dress Code

  1. Attire that is conducive to the specific appearance or event (i.e. business casual, formal, etc.)
  2. No jeans, sneakers, flip flops or boots.
  3. No visible piercings (other than earrings) or tattoos.
  4. No outfit that is too low cut, too short or too revealing.

No clothing that advertises, promotes or glorifies the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or anything inconsistent with the dignity of the Queen Program.

State Competition Judging Criteria 

  1. Written Essay on the topic “What My Fair Means To My Community”. (300 words or less). Juding Criteria: Content, Grammar, and Spelling. [15 points]
  2. Personal Interview - each contestant will meet alone with the panel of 3 judges. Judging Criteria: conversational ability, the answers to the questions, appearance/poise, activities, and knowledge of the fair industry. [35 points]
  3. Speech Presentation on the topic “Why You Should Come To My Fair” (3-5 minutes; timed event). Persuasive speech appropriate for an audienceof adults. the audience is the panel of 3 judges along with any other parents, fair members, or guests who wish to view the presentations. Props that enhance this speech for this targeted audience are permitted, but not required. Contestants are judged on the effectiveness of their public speaking skills; not “entertainment”. Overhead projectors or Powerpoint presentations are not permitted.
  4. Judging Criteria: speech content (to include agriculture), speech format, conveying a message, public speaking ability, and poise/presence. [30 points]
  5. Evening Gown/Introduction - this segment is conducted on stage, in front of the convention banquet guests (approximately 1,000 people) including 3 Judges. Each Contestant makes a personal introduction to the audience, similar to that which a Fair Queen would give when visiting a Fair or other public event. The Contestant has approximately 15 second to make this introduction.
  6. Judging Criteria: content, stage presence, and appearance, [20 points]

State Fair Queen Obligations

The winner receives a $2,000 scholarship upon meeting the following obligations:

  1. Attend all PA State Fair Queen Program sanctioned events including, but not limited to: Cornucopia (Harrisburg), PA Travel Council Tourism Day (Harrisburg), Ag Progress Days (Rock Springs, PA), Farm-City Day (Harrisburg), the Pennsylvania Farm Show (Harrisburg), and the Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs' Convention (Hershey).
  2. Attend fairs in all four (4) zones of the PA State Association of County Fairs (PSACF), when invited.
  3. Attend other events/obligations that may arise on behalf of the PSACF.
  4. Keep and Event Summary log (Event name and location, purpose/target audience, number of attendees, and contact person).
  5. Make a scrapbook and create a display for the PSACF Convention showing how she promoted fairs and agriculture during her reign.
  6. Attend and participate in the State Fair Queen competition and crown the next State Fair Queen.
  7. Show proof of scholarship eligibility by presenting a current tuition bill or grade report from her college/university.
  8. Was exclusively the PA State Fair Queen for her entire reign and did not participate in any other pageants nor hold a title for any other commodity group during that time. In addition to the state requirements the following rules/requirements are to be followed by the Queen and Alternate as stated by the Beaver Community Fair Association.