Dept 22 - Miscellaneous Contests

Class 3 - Tug of War Contest

Superintendent: Jeremy Waite
Committee: Barry Waite, Crystal Waite, Roxanne Waite and Steve Boop
(updated 07/5/2017)


  1. A team roster shall be submitted to a contest official prior to the start of the contest at the speaker’s platform. The roster shall include the team’s name, team captain’s name and complete mailing address, and the names and addresses of the remaining team members.
  2. Team captains should register their team one (1) hour prior to starting time.
  3. Teams shall be limited to 2000 pounds each as determined on the Fair Association scales.
  4. Pulling position shall be determined by lottery.
  5. The pull will start from a tight rope at the judge’s signal.
  6. Contest will be conducted as a double elimination tournament for 8 or more teams.  If less than 8 teams participating, a round robin style tournament will be used. 
  7. To be declared a winning pull, the flag (at midpoint from the ends of the rope), must cross the line which is ten (10) feet on either side of the flag or after one (1) minute the team who has moved the flag to their own side of the line will be declared the winner.
  8. No spikes are permitted on contestants’ shoes.
  9. Contestants may compete on one team only. 
  10. Co-Ed teams should be made up with half of each gender.
  11. Contest will take place on the tractor pulling track.
  12. Judges decisions will be final.

Premiums  $25  $20  $15

6810 Tug of War Co-Ed Team
6811 Tug of War Women/Girls Team
6812 Tug of War Mens/Boys Team