General Rules - Exhibits

(updated 07/3/2017)

Service animals only allowed on fairgrounds by patrons.

  1. Upon entry of any fair contests you give permission to publish any placings received, and pictures/video/audio to be used in any marketing materials.  If you do not agree to this photo release, please stop in to the main office.
  2. Exhibit entries are limited to persons or groups residing in Pennsylvania.
  3. Exhibitors may pick up entry tags Sunday or Monday when entering exhibits.  The tags must be completed by the exhibitor with the department, class, lot and exhibit description, and include the exhibitor's number, name and address.  Tags must be attached to the exhibit and exhibit placed in the appropriate building.  
  4.  Pre-registration is welcome but NOT required.
  5. Exhibits are "entered" when they are placed in the buildings.
  6. Game and contest participants must register on the day of the event unless a pre-registration form is offered.
  7. All exhibits must be entered in the name of the owner or producer since last year's fair.
  8. Exhibitors may have only ONE (1) entry in a class, except livestock.
  9. The Beaver Fair Association takes the precaution to protect exhibits by providing watchmen at times when the buildings are open to the public.
  10. Exhibits not properly entered will be re-entered and judged in the proper classes at department superintendent and judge’s discretion.
  11. Exhibitors who pre-register can request to receive exhibit tags by mail. The cost is $1.00 for every 10 tags requested.
  12. Premium books are also available by mail at the cost of $2.00 per book.
  13. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to update changes to address, phone number, etc. in the data base.  It is also the exhibitors responsibility to verify their exhibitor number for entries.  
  14. Personal kitchen appliances will not be allowed in the barns during fair week without approval of the fair board president.  
  15. No open flames on the fair grounds. 

Removing Exhibits

  1. Exhibits may be removed Sunday, from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.  No exhibits may be removed before this time.  No person shall remove exhibits except department superintendents or their helpers. 
  2. Exhibits not removed Sunday may be removed the following Monday 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. only.


  1. An exhibit may not be entered in the miscellaneous class if the premium list provides a class in which it can be entered.
  2. Judges place entries by merit, even where there is no competition in a class.
  3. The opinion of the judges shall be final, except in such cases where it is afterwards discovered that the entry is not according to the governing rules and regulations.  In this case the management shall have the final word.
  4. The names of all exhibitors shall be concealed until the judging is finished.
  5. Only exhibits listed in the premium list will be judged.
  6. Exhibits entered with more or less specimens than required will be disqualified.  Exhibitors must check for the number of specimens needed, when entries are made.
  7. Judges have the right to award an exhibit with a Best of Show Ribbon. Not all categories may receive this award.  


  1. No premiums are guaranteed in classes with less than three (3) entries.
  2. The judges book is final say of placings. No premiums will be altered due to a sticker placing.
  3. All Premium Checks will be mailed and must be cashed within 90 days of the date issued.