Dept. 08 - Eggs

SUPERINTENDENT: Carol Voss 570-658-2112
(updated 07/04/2017)

Attention - PDA - Poultry Ban Clarification

Poultry Returning to PA Fairs, Farm Show;
State Urges Continued Vigilance against Avian Flu Year-long ban lifted;
Interstate quarantine orders remain in effect

Class 1 - Eggs

Premiums  -  $5   $4   $3   $2   $1

Lot# Description
26 Brown eggs, pullet one (1) dozen
27 White eggs, pullet one (1) dozen
28 Brown eggs, hen, one (1) dozen
29 White eggs, hen one (1) dozen
30 Green eggs, hen one (1) dozen
31 Other eggs, one (1) dozen


Class 80 - Market Poultry 


•  Open to Snyder County 4-H and FFA members carrying a poultry project only. 
•  Entries: A maximum of one entry per class is allowed.
•  The exhibitor can tag 10 animals
      ~ Individual Roaster - 1 Bird 
•  Weight limits for an individual roaster not less 6 ½ lbs. not more than 8 ½ lbs.  No more than 70 days old.  
•  Meat birds will be acquired on the date specified, by the Beaver Community Fair, from the fair reserve only.  First come first served. 
•  Unsuitable Birds:  The fair management will eliminate any birds from competition that are not in suitable condition or which cannot be satisfactorily handled under show conditions. 


•  Exhibitors must check the current health regulations and inoculation schedules with the Superintendent at least 6 weeks prior to show date. 
•  All birds must bear a unique individual identification leg band. 
•  An owner endorsed health form must accompany all poultry. 
•  All birds must come from Pullorum-typhoid free flock (present flock card or certificate from hatchery) or test negative for Pullorum-typhoid. 
•  All birds must test negative for Avian Influenza and be tested by a Certified Poultry Technician.  Avian Influenza tests must be completed within 30 days of check in at the fair.  
All test results must accompany the birds upon arrival at the fair. 

(See General Animal Rules)

Premiums:  $6  $5  $4  $3  $2

Lot # Description
1001 Individual Roaster