Dept 11 Youth - Class 7 Kids' Farm Games

Superintendent: Sally Hassinger
(updated 07/5/2017)

General Rules for Kids Games - Thursday, 6:00 pm - Inside Arena

  1. Register one (1) hour prior to starting time.
  2. Open to all youngsters 6-11 years old.  Contestant's ages on the day of the contest determines their class.  
  3. All contestants must have an exhibitor number to enter the games.  They can be obtained at the fair office.   
  4. All required items to play the games are provided by the Fair Association.  
  5. No assistance from second parties is permitted, except for grain bagging which requires a partner.  
  6. Judges decision is final.  

Corn Shelling

  1. The object of the “CORN SHELLING” contest is to shell by hand, the most corn within a one (1) minute period.
  2. The corn will be weighed to determine the winner. The highest weight wins.
  3. Only the corn which falls directly into the container will be weighed.
  4. Contestants must shell the corn in their bare hands. No gloves or other aids may be used.
  5. A "shell-off" will be held to break ties.

Premiums:  Trophy

Lot # Description
2800 Corn Shelling Contest 6-7 yrs old
2801 Corn Shelling Contest 8-9 yrs old
2802 Corn Shelling Contest 10-11 yrs old

Water Hauling

  1. The object of “WATER HAULING” is to carry as much water as possible from the water trough to the container within a thirty (30) second time period.
  2. The course distance (length of haul) shall be forty (40) feet.
  3. The contestant that hauls the greatest amount of water, by weight, will be declared the winner.
  4. In the event of a tie, a “Haul-Off” elimination will be held.

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Lot # Description
2803 Water Hauling 6-7 yrs old
2804 Water Hauling 8-9 yrs old
2805 Water Hauling 10-11 yrs old

Nail Driving

  1. The object of “NAIL DRIVING” is to drive a nail as far as possible into a block of wood with two (2) hammer blows.
  2. Safety glasses or goggles must be worn by contestants. Contestants wearing prescription glasses must wear goggles.
  3. The nail will be started in the block of wood by the contest official.
  4. The nail may not be touched or held in any manner except for two (2) hammer blows.
  5. The winner will be determined by measuring the length of the nail protruding from the wooden block. The shortest distance protruding will determine the winner.
  6. In the event of a tie, a “Nail Drive-Off” will be held.

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Lot # Description
2806 Nail Driving, 6-7 yrs old
2807 Nail Driving, 8-9 yrs old
2808 Nail Driving, 10-11 yrs old

Seed Spitting Contest

  1. The object of the contest is to "spit" a seed as far as possible.
  2. Contestants will select one (1) seed and will only be allowed one try.
  3. The contestant spitting the seed the greatest distance is the winner.
  4. All measurements will be made from a marked point on the foul line.
  5. Any contestant who crosses the foul line will be disqualified.
  6. The seed must land in front of the foul line to qualify for measurement.
  7. Contestants may not chew gum while competing.
  8. In the event of a tie, a "spit-off" will be held.

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Lot # Description
2809 Seed Spitting 6-7 yrs old
2810 Seed Spitting 8-9 yrs old
2811 Seed Spitting 10-11 yrs old

Grain Bagging Contest

  1. This event is a team event. A team shall consist of two (2) contestants.
  2. Grain will be carried from the "grain" pile by one (1) of the two (2) contestants to the bag which will be held open by the other contestant on the team. The bag will be located at the foul line. On a switch signal from the contest official the teammates will switch positions and continue to bag the grain until the signal is given to stop.
  3. A weight measurement will determine the winner.
  4. Bare hands only may be used to transfer grain from the pile to the bag.
  5. In the event of a tie, there will be a "bag-off".
  6. Each contestant may compete on one team only.

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Lot # Description
2812 Grain Bagging 6-7 yrs old
2813 Grain Bagging 8-9 yrs old
2814 Grain Bagging 10-11 yrs old

Kiddie Pedal Power Tractor Pull

Superintendent: Sherry Snook
Committee: Tracy Ewing, Norman Wenrick III, Tyler Snook, Lisa Smith, Colton Snook & Brad Snook

Saturday - 1:00 PM at Inside Arena

  1. Register one hour prior to starting time.
  2. Contest is open to youngsters from 3-10 years of age.
  3. Boys and girls compete against each other by age.
  4. All contestants must have an exhibitor number to enter the games.  They can be obtained at the fair office.
  5. The distance each contestant pulls the sled will be measured and recorded.
  6. Weight is added to the sled as required to determine each category's winner.
  7. The use of hands to assist in rolling the rear tires is prohibited.
  8. All movement of the tractor must be forward by pedaling (leg power only).
  9. Backing up and snatching of the sled is prohibited.
  10. Contestants will be disqualified for removing feet from the pedals and touching the surface of the track.
  11. The winner of each class is determined by the contestant who pulls the most weight the longest distance by pedaling the tractor.
  12. A “pull off” will be held when two (2) or more contestants perform a full pull. Additional weight will be added to the transfer sled for the pull-off.
  13. Judges decisions are final. Parents of contestants must register and sign a waiver of liability for each child who competes.
  14. A standard size pedal tractor with two (2) drive wheels will be furnished.
  15. The tractor will be hitched to a special weight transfer sled. The sled is equipped with a weight box to which weights are added as needed.

Premiums:  Trophy

Lot # Description
2815 Pedal Power 3 yrs Boys/Girls
2816 Pedal Power 4 yrs Boys/Girls
2817 Pedal Power 5 yrs Boys/Girls
2818 Pedal Power 6 yrs Boys/Girls
2819 Pedal Power 7 yrs Boys/Girls
2820 Pedal Power 8 yrs Boys/Girls
2821 Pedal Power 9 yrs Boys/Girls
2822 Pedal Power 10 yrs Boys/Girls

Bale Throwing

See Dept. 22 - Major Contest > Bale Throwing Rules.

1.  Registration will begin at 7pm, Thursday at the indoor arena.  Contest will start at 8 pm.

Premiums:  $10   $8   $6   $4   $2

Lot # Description
1822 Bale Throwing, Male, < 8yrs
2823 Bale Throwing, Male, 8-12 yrs
2824 Bale Throwing, Male, 13-15 yrs
1823 Bale Throwing, Female, < 8yrs
2825 Bale Throwing, Female. 8-12 yrs
2826 Bale Throwing, Female 13-15