Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Contest

d2828ad7a6f0fa338792bd51743d58e6.jpg2017 Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Contest Rules
(updated 07/05/2017)

1. Open to any individual who is a Pennsylvania resident; only one entry per person.
2. Entrants may NOT have won 1st place in this Blue Ribbon Apple Pie contest at any other fair in 2017.
3. Entry to be a pie that must include at least 60% apples in the filling. It does not need to be a “traditional” two crusted apple pie and it can have a variety of fillings.
4. The entire pie must be submitted for judging in a disposable pie pan. (All pans, plates and dishes are considered to be disposable and will  not be returned.)
5. The recipe for the pie and pie crust must be submitted with the entry. It should be submitted on one side of 8 ½” by 11” paper. The recipe must list all the ingredients, quantities, and the preparation instructions. Entrant’s name, address and phone number must be printed on the back side of all the pages.  (All recipes and pies will become the property of the Fair or PA Farm Show and will not be returned.)
6. Refrigeration is not available at the Fair or PA Farm Show. Entries that require refrigeration after baking must indicate so in the recipe. Those entries will not be sold, auctioned or otherwise distributed for consumption after judging for food safety reasons.

NOTE:  Creativity is essential to a varied competition. Do not limit your contest to a “traditional” two-crusted apple pie. We are looking for a variety of fillings in the pies; the pie must include at least 60% apples in the filling.

Judging Criteria Points
Flavor 30
Filling (Consistency, doneness, moistness and flavor) 25
Crust (Color, flavor, texture, doneness) 20
Overall Appearance 15
Creativity 10

Premiums   $25  $15 $10  $5  $5

Lot # Description
5054 Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Contest

Premiums for the 2017 PA FARM SHOW competition will be as follows:
First Place $500.00,  Second Place $250.00, Third Place $100.00, Fourth Place Ribbon, Fifth Place Ribbon

 At the PA FARM SHOW level, this contest is jointly sponsored by: 

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