Dept 20 - Group Exhibits

Superintendent: Curtis Swineford, Exhibit Booths
(updated 07/5/2017)


  1. Refer to General Rules.
  2. Each exhibitor will be provided with a standard size space, 8 ft long, 6 ft high and 4 ft deep, except Lot #’s 6707-6718 which will be provided a space (table top space) 4 ft long, 2 ft deep and 2 ft high. These table top displays must be constructed of 3/8" plywood, chip board, Masonite, etc. to insure that they will remain standing throughout the fair. Poster board or cardboard frames will not be accepted.
  3. The exhibits may be stationary or have mechanical motion. Electrical power will be furnished for mechanical exhibits.
  4. Entries for group exhibits must be made with Curtis Swineford by Friday prior to the fair at
  5. Grade School exhibits will be limited to the first eight grades. These exhibits may be made by individual rooms, two (2) or more rooms, by a school as a whole, or as a district as a whole.
  6. High School exhibits will be limited to grades nine (9) through twelve (12).
  7. Community Organization Exhibits will be limited to any community or church organization.
  8. All crepe paper used in the booth must be of fireproof type.
  9. Exhibitors must supply all materials, tools, tables, etc. for construction and display of booth.
  10. Attempts will be made to limit the number of small booths to not more than (3) per class.When larger numbers are entered in a class the fair committee reserves the right to reorganize the entries as necessary to provide fair competition for all booths entered.

Premiums:  $75  $60  $50  $35  $35

6701 FFA or Vo-Ag Exhibit (8’x6’x4’)
6702 Grade School Exhibit (8'x6'x4')
6703 Home Economics/FCCLA (8’x6’x4’)
6704 Comm. Org (not aff w/school) (8’x6’x4’)
6705 4-H Club Exhibit (8'x6'x4')
6706 Jr FFA (grade 7-8), (8'x6'x4')

NOTE: Lot# 6701-6706 are meant to be standard size booths (8’x6’x4’) and are to be self-contained and consist of a booth with a: floor, sides, back and ceiling. The booths are also to have self contained lighting (120 volt) and/or motion to further emphasize the point(s) that is/are to be made. Booths not conforming to these specifications will, at the direction of the judges, be awarded one-half of the premium to which they would otherwise be entitled.

Premiums:  $20  $15  $10  $5  $5

6707 H.S. Class or Organization (4'x2'x2') Wildlife
6708 H.S. Class or Organization (4'x2'x2') Soils
6709 H.S. Class or Organization (4'x2'x2') Forestry
6710 H.S. Class or Organization (4'x2'x2’) Safety
6711 H.S. Class or Organization (4'x2'x2') Water
6712 H.S. Class or Organization (4'x2'x2') Air
6713 H.S. Class or Organization (4'x2'x2') Tractor
6714 H.S. Class or Organization (4'x2'x2') Farm machinery
6715 H.S. Class or Organization (4'x2'x2') Animals
6716 H.S. Class or Organization (4'x2'x2') Shop
6717 H.S. Class or Organization (4'x2'x2') Electric
6718 H.S. Class or Organization (4'x2'x2') Other

NOTE: Lot# 6707-6718 are meant to be table-top exhibits (4’x2’x2’) that are intended to be self-contained and consist of a booth with a floor, sides, and back.