Open Youth & Adult Fun Horse Show

Sunday, September 20, 2015

10:00 am Registration opens

12:00 Noon show begins

Committee: Dan & Becky Bobb
Phone: 570-765-1610
(updated 07/21/2015)


  1. All horses must be accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) signed by an accredited veterinarian.  The CVI must be issued within the 60 days prior to the date of arrival at the show.  Present CVI at registration.
  2. All judges decisions are final.
  3. All entries must be made at least two classes ahead.
  4. Horses showing signs of infectious or contagious diseases will not be permitted entry to the fair.
  5. There will be a $5.00 entry fee per class.
  6. All horses must stay in designated area.  Any horse exhibitors found on the mid-way with horses will forfeit any premium winnings.
  7. One (1) rider per event.  Horses may be shared among riders per event.

Safety Rules

  1. The Horse Show Committee and/or Judge have the authority to disqualify any exhibitor for inability to control his/her horse.  This is for the safety  of all exhibitors.
  2. All entries shall be for a single rider only (with the exception of lead line and relay race).  No person shall be on a horse with a child, or another horse and rider combination shall not ride the pattern with the child.
  3. If your horse is known to kick, please tie a RED RIBBON in his tail to alert other riders.
  4. Riders are NOT ALLOWED to enter or leave the arena at a run in the speed events.  Horses will enter the arena at a walk and the gate will be closed immediately.  The gate will not be opened until the horse has stopped.
  5. Do not run your horse outside of the arena.  Horses must be ridden with a bridle and reins at all times on the Beaver Community Fair Grounds.  This is for the safety of all exhibitors and spectators.
  6. NO STALLIONS shall be shown by a youth under the age of eighteen (18) in any class.

Equipment Rules

  1. In any class the Judge or Show Committee shall have the authority to require removal or alteration of any piece of equipment which is unsafe or which is believed to be inhumane.
  2. Hackamores, tie downs, running martingales and roping/barrel reins are prohibited in walk-trot and pleasure classes.  Crops, bats, whips, or "over and unders" are allowed in speed events only.  No bareback pads are allowed in any class.

Class 1 - Youth

Class 2 - Adult


Premiums: $10  $9  $8  $7  $6

Lot# Event Description
 100 Egg & Spoon
 101 Pole Bending
 102 Barrel Racing
 103 Flag Race
 104 Keyhole Race
Catalog Race
 106 Break & Out


Egg & Spoon:

The rider will hold an egg in a spoon while riding his/her horse in the arena.  Rider may hold onto the egg until instructed to remove thumb from the egg.  From that point on, the rider must have his/her hand behind the black line on the spoon and may not touch the egg, hold their thumb over the egg, or hold their fingers under the bowl of the spoon.  When asked to change gaits, the rider must do so immediately.

Pole Bending:

The course contains six (6) poles set 21 feet apart.  Time will begin and end as the horse crosses the timer line.  An exhibitor may start either to the right or the left.  Knocking over a pole will result in a five (5) second penalty of each pole knocked down.  Failure to follow the course shall result in disqualification.

Barrel Racing:

Three (3) barrels make up the course.  You may start either to the right or left and run to form a cloverleaf.  Knocking over a barrel results in a five (5) second penalty for each barrel knocked down.  Failure to follow the course shall result in disqualification.

Flag Race:

Two (2) barrels make up the course.  The rider shall sprint to the first barrel, pick up the flag then sprint to the second barrel turn the barrel and sprint back to the first barrel replacing the flag.  Missing the barrel will result in disqualification.  There is a 5 second penalty for knocking over the second barrel.

Keyhole Race:

The course will be made up of a "keyhole" drawn on the ground in white at the far end of the arena.  The rider will run into the "keyhole" make a 360 degree turn, exit the keyhole, and back across the timer line.  If the horse steps on or over the line there will be no time.

Catalog Race:

One barrel is placed at the far end of the arena with a catalog on it.  As the contestant crosses the start line, a page number is called out.  The rider rides to the barrel and tears out the page.  Dismounting is allowed but not required.  Rider runs back across the start line.  No time for those who bring the wrong page.

Break & Out:

This is a command class.  All entrants will follow the command of the announcer.  Riders have three strides to begin the new command and must maintain that command until a new one is announced.  Failure to do so will result in being called in.  When cantering/loping, a correct lead is required.