Class 70-4H & Vocational Good Housekeeping Award

  1. Exhibitors must exhibit more than one animal to be eligible for good housekeeping. 

Good Housekeeping Judging Criteria

Cleanliness of animals 15 pts
Cleanliness of bedding 15 pts
Entry cards & ribbons won properly displayed with animal 20 pts
Neatness & cleanliness of equipment. 10 pts
Keeping feed & hay presentable 10 pts
Keeping aisles clean 15 pts
Courtesy to people 15 pts
Lot #
1 Swine
2 Dairy
3 Beef
4 Sheep
5 Goats
7 Dairy Feeders

Premiums:  $20  $18  $16  $14  $12

If your fair pen is found to be in an unacceptable condition, the Livestock Manager and Sale Manager will tie a red ribbon on your pen and you will be notified.  If after 24 hours your pen hasn't been cleaned, you will be assessed a $25 fee per occurrence.