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Beaver Community Fair Ambassadors

Boots Hetherington, Fair Administrator PA Department of Ag presenting Helen Herman the 2011 Fair Ambassador Award.

Helen Herman was chosen as the ambassador of the Beaver Community fair for 2011.  Helen has been involved with the fair since the early 90's, when her grandson began showing.  Helen would help ready the barn, and show arena by cleaning, and painting and help where it was needed.  In 1998 Helen stepped up and took charge of the fair pork stand.  She would organize help, order supplies, and oversee smooth operation of the stand fair week.  Helen also helps to organize and operate concession stands for public sales.  Helen, also known to many as "Mom" has just recently celebrated her 80th birthday in June.  The Beaver Community Fair is truly thankful to have Helen as one of our many wonderful volunteers.

Boots Hetherington, Fair Administrator PA Department of Ag presenting Margie the 2012 Ambassador Award.

Margie Krebs, the 2012 Fair Ambassador, has been involved with the fair growing up, as her father was a past fair president and her husband Fred was a past fair treasurer.  She started volunteering in 1965-1966 on the Entertainment and Program Committee.  She later helped on other  committees including the entry of exhibits, and serves today as the handcrafts superintendent.  Margie Krebs has made the Beaver Community Fair a big part of her life.  She helped write "The first 50 years" for the 50th Anniversary and played a big part in planning the 50th Anniversary celebration of the fair.  She is always very helpful to anyone in need and always has a smile.  We are truly blessed to have a dedicated volunteer like Margie. 

Fair Board Members Doug Boop and Ashley Hassinger with Fair Administrator, PA Department of Ag, Boots Hetherington, Isabel Zerby 2013 Fair Ambassador, and Levi Aurand and Jim Krebs, Fair Board Members.

Isabel Zerby has long been involved with the Beaver Community Fair.  Her family has exhibited sheep and swine, provided financial support for the animal shows and FFA Judging Contest, and she has staffed the Pork Stand during fair, helped in the Food Stand at the track, and staffed the kitchen during sales and organized the Busy Beaver Relay for Life Team; her involvement has gone above and beyond.   

2014 Beaver Fair Ambassador Warren Dutrow

William Sheaffer accepts the 2015 Beaver Fair Ambassador Award

Rick Shirey the 2016 Fair Ambassador accepts the award from the Fair Board. 

2017 Fair Ambassador Harry Aurand Jr with Fair Board President Levi Aurand.

2018 Fair Ambassador Donald Athey


2019 Fair Ambassador Richard Weller

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