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In 2017 the Beaver Community Fair embarked on a creative idea suggested by one of its own members, Eric Stone, who had a vision of Bracket Pulling being something that would appeal to tractor pullers. Well, it took off in a big way. Now, in 2021 we are proud to continue on this success in a big way.          


This is all possible due to the generous  Sponsorship of Beaver Motors and Beaver Motors RV located in Beaver Springs PA. They are the sole sponsor of this year’s Bracket Pull.

This year, the weekend of July 16th and July 17th will offer a total weekend payout of $5,000 and half of that will go to one winner, “King of the bracket”, “Last one standing” on Saturday Night.

The weekend will start off on Friday, July 16th at 6:30 PM with 4,500lb. Farm Stock pace and will continue with 5,500lb. and 7,000lb. Farm Stock pace respectively. Saturday Morning starting at 10:00 AM will be 5,500lb. Farm Stock pace followed by 7,000lb. Farm stock pace. At the conclusion of the 7,000lb. class the 6,250lb. Bracket pull will begin, with maybe a slight delay for track prep. For all classes, a pace rope will be used. What is this you ask, one of our committee members will walk beside your tractor, on the side of the track wall, while holding onto a rope traveling at approx. 3 to 3.2 MPH. You will have axle to axle grace on your pace in comparison to our rope. The pacer will never walk past your front axle and will let the rope slip if you do not maintain pace. (this is permitted, you can go slower).

The Bracket Class will be run as a 64 tractor count limit. The cost to enter the bracket class is $50. The bracket will be set Saturday and posted for all pullers to see. Once the bracket is set, if an opening occurs, a bye will be afforded to the other puller. After One loss, the puller may opt to enter the loser bracket for an additional $50. When you lose in the loser bracket you are done. The final tractor in the loser bracket does have the opportunity to compete for the $2,500, but, the last winning tractor in the winners' bracket would still be allowed one loss, so at this point, if the final puller with one loss chooses to buy back, a second pull would occur with those same Two tractors for the win.   Payout for the bracket class: $2,500, $300, $200

This year we are running a weekend points system. We will take your best Three hooks out of the 5 classes. Points will be assigned to each pulling position in each class, excluding the bracket class. You will get points even by pulling one class. No extra fee, everyone who pulls is in. At the conclusion of the 7,000lb. class Saturday a tally will be done and winner announced sometime later that evening. Points payout: $300, $200, $100

For the 5 Farm Stock pace classes being run a $20 entry fee will be charged. 4,500lb., 5,500lb., 7,000lb. classes will payout: $100, $75, $50, $35 and $20.

We will also have a $100 payout to the person who traveled the furthest as determined by the committee based on a couple different criteria’s. This award is sponsored by Gray Squirrel Camp Grounds located at 509 Grey Squirrel Rd. Beavertown, PA 17813 Phone: 570-837-0333. They will have a limited number of camping spots available for this pull. Contact them for full hook-up camping. Only primitive camping permitted and available at the fairgrounds.

All rules will be posted on this site and any questions can be directed to the phone numbers listed on the registration form or this site.

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