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About Us

Serving Snyder County and surrounding communities, the Beaver Community Fair is a real country fair that celebrates the best of country living since 1928.

This festival offers it all, with fun rides, baking contests, agricultural exhibits, the best of fair food, and livestock and farm competitions.

Beaver Fair Association Committee

Buildings and Grounds:  Levi AurandMatt Brandt, Ross Mitchell

Commercial Exhibits (Outside):  Levi Aurand, Bruce Hassinger, Angelina Shaffer

Commercial Exhibits (Inside):  Angelina Shaffer

Entry Committee:  Patty Church, Jennifer Boonie

Premium List:  Kathy Shea, Ashley Hassinger, Patty Church

Rides and Concessions:  Levi Aurand, Doug Boop, Bruce Hassinger

Admission:  James Krebs

Fair Manager:  Crystal Glass

Security Manager:  James Krebs

Livestock Manager:  Matt Brandt

Publicity:  Matt Shea, Levi Aurand, Ashley Hassinger

Entertainment:  Bruce Hassinger

Sponsorship:  Kathy Weller

Ways and Means: Crystal Glass

Fair Officers & Directors

Contact us at
President - Levi Aurand 

1st Vice President - Doug Boop

2nd Vice President - Darren Krebs

Secretary - Ashley Hassinger

Recording Secretary - Diane Force

Treasurer - Robert Church 

Term Expirations

2023:  James Krebs, Tom Frantz, Glen Gardner, Doug Spigelmyer

2024:  Jared Hassinger, George Sauder

2025:  Ross Mitchell, Matt Brandt

2026:  Brian Shea, Matt Shea

Department Superintendents and Committees

General Inquiries:

Exhibitor Registration Inquiries:

Phone:  570-658-4963 

Horses:  Becky Bobb, Danny Bobb

Dairy:  Andrew Snook, Corinda Snook, Matt Brandt

Beef Cattle & Swine: Andrew Snook, Corinda Snook, Matt Brandt

Sheep: Andrew Snook, Corinda Snook, Matt Brandt

Goats: Matt Brandt, Kevin Stroup

Rabbits:  Matt Shea, Kathy Shea

Poultry:  Cori Robinson, Quinn Robinson, Matt Shea, Kathy Shea

Youth Livestock Sale:  Matt Brandt, Kathy Weller, Kathy Shea 

Eggs and Fruits and Nuts:  Courtney Ewing

Home and Dairy:  Ashley Hassinger

4-H, Vocational Exhibits and Project Books:  Kathy Weller and Valerie Fry

Forestry Skills:  Vacant

Kids Games:  Sally Hassinger, Morgan Shirey

Kiddie Pedal Power Pull:  Beaver Fair Association Committee

Bale Throw and Tug-of-war: Barry Waite, Crystal Waite, Jeremy Waite, Roxanne Waite, Steve Boop

Fair Queen Contest:  Crystal Glass, Patty Church

Evergreen Trees:  Dave Voss, Carol Voss

Grain:  Karen Ewing, Deborah Ewing

Vegetables:  Jeff Mizer, Kay Mizer, David Kaufman, Mary Kaufman, Tom Rice, Todd Updegraff, Liz Updegraff

Baked Goods:  Hannah Patches, Jennifer Boonie, Kaitlyn Kreamer

Canned and Dried Goods:  Michele Good, Evelyn Rice

Floral Exhibits:  Valerie Hoover, Chuck Kessler

Sewing:  Vacant

Needlework:  Elsie Shaffer

Rugs, Mats, Potholders and Quilts:  Diane Fleming, Mary Boop

Knitting and Crocheting:  Kay Philips

Art & Photography:  Heather Heeter, Clayla Baker

Handcrafts:  Margie Krebs, Carole Morgan

Group Exhibits:  Valerie Fry

Tractor, Garden Tractor:  Beaver Fair Association Committee

Horseshoe Pitching:  Randy Zeiders

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