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About Beaver Community Fair

Beaver Community Fair is a non-profit organization that hosts an annual county fair with a wide variety of rides, games, animals, tractor pulls, and other attractions for all ages. Our mission is to provide a fun and memorable experience for all attendees while also promoting the importance of community and agriculture.

Fair Officers and Directors

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President - Levi Aurand 

1st Vice President - Doug Boop

2nd Vice President - Darren Krebs

Secretary - Ashley Hassinger

Recording Secretary - Diane Force

Treasurer - Robert Church 

Jared Hassinger, George Sauder, Doug Spigelmyer, Jim Goss, Ross Mitchell, Matt Brandt, Brian Shea, Matt Shea, James Krebs, and Tom Frantz

Veterans Flag Burning

Term Expirations

2024:  Jared Hassinger, George Sauder,         Doug Spigelmyer, Jim Goss

2025:  Ross Mitchell, Matt Brandt

2026:  Brian Shea, Matt Shea

2027:  James Krebs, Tom Frantz

Beaver Fair Association Committee

Buildings and Grounds:  Levi Aurand, Matt Brandt, Ross Mitchell

Commercial Exhibits (Outside):  Levi Aurand, Bruce Hassinger, Angelina Shaffer

Commercial Exhibits (Inside):  Angelina Shaffer

Entry Committee:  Patty Church, Jennifer Boonie

Premium List:  Kathy Shea, Ashley Hassinger, Patty Church

Rides and Concessions:  Levi Aurand, Doug Boop, Bruce Hassinger

Admission:  James and Denise Krebs

Fair Manager:  Crystal Glass

Security Manager:  James Krebs

Livestock Manager:  Matt Brandt

Publicity:  Matt Shea, Levi Aurand, Ashley Hassinger

Entertainment:  Bruce Hassinger

Sponsorship:  Kathy Weller

Ways and Means: Levi Aurand

Tug of War
Department Superintendents and Committees

General Inquiries:

Exhibitor Registration Inquiries:

Phone:  570-658-4963 

Horses:  Becky Bobb, Danny Bobb

Dairy:  Andrew Snook, Corinda Snook, Matt Brandt

Beef Cattle & Swine: Andrew Snook, Corinda Snook, Matt Brandt

Sheep: Andrew Snook, Corinda Snook, Matt Brandt

Goats: Matt Brandt, Kevin Stroup

Rabbits:  Matt Shea, Kathy Shea

Poultry:  Cori Robinson, Quinn Robinson, Matt Shea, Kathy Shea

Youth Livestock Sale:  Matt Brandt, Kathy Weller, Kathy Shea 

Eggs and Fruits and Nuts:  Courtney Ewing

Home and Dairy:  Ashley Hassinger

4-H, Vocational Exhibits and Project Books:  Kathy Weller and Valerie Fry

Forestry Skills:  Vacant

Kids Games:  Sally Hassinger, Morgan Shirey

Kiddie Pedal Power Pull:  Beaver Fair Association Committee

Bale Throw and Tug-of-war: Barry Waite, Crystal Waite, Jeremy Waite, Roxanne Waite, Steve Boop

Fair Queen Contest:  Crystal Glass, Patty Church

Grain:  Karen Ewing, Deborah Ewing

Vegetables:  Jeff Mizer, Kay Mizer, David Kaufman, Mary Kaufman, Tom Rice, Todd Updegraff, Liz Updegraff

Baked Goods:  Hannah Patches, Jennifer Boonie, Kaitlyn Kreamer

Canned and Dried Goods:  Michele Good, Evelyn Rice

Floral Exhibits:  Valerie Hoover, Chuck Kessler

Sewing:  Vacant

Needlework:  Elsie Shaffer

Rugs, Mats, Potholders and Quilts:  Diane Fleming, Mary Boop

Knitting and Crocheting:  Kay Philips

Art & Photography:  Heather Heeter, Clayla Baker

Handcrafts:  Margie Krebs, Carole Morgan

Group Exhibits:  Valerie Fry

Tractor, Garden Tractor:  Beaver Fair Association Committee

Horseshoe Pitching:  Randy Zeiders

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